How Far Would You Go for Real Food?

An Immersive Experience Exploring the Essence of Greek Food

A charismatic storyteller, Isabella Zampetaki shares her culinary adventures from the mountains and plains of Crete and accompanies them with edible tidbits typical of each region. She solemnly prepares a tisane of wild herbs for you to savor and explains how it promotes longevity. She showcases carob rusks and graviera cheese from small, sustainable producers in Crete and introduces you to high phenolic olive oil as she guides you through unexpected food pairings. More than anything, she reveals what makes these artisanal products truly special and invites you to see food from a forgotten angle.

Isabella is a seasoned traveler and a connoisseur of Greek delicacies. In her book “Handcrafted Crete”, she explores the roots of the Mediterranean diet and discovers a number of artisanal gems. Enjoy this informal private experience in your hotel suite or terrace during breakfast time or at any other hour of the day that’s convenient for a light taste of Greece.

“How Far Would You Go for Real Food” is available in English, Spanish and Greek at selected hotels in Athens, Greece.