Keynote Speaking & Storytelling

Isabella Zampetaki inspires conference audiences, company groups, dinner parties and smaller informal gatherings of people with her storytelling and her warm approach to life. Topics she covers include culinary culture, Mediterranean lifestyle & diet, travel, sustainability, and wellbeing in a digital world.

How Far Would You Go for Real Food?

Isabella has traveled Crete’s mountains and plains in search of unique culinary experiences. She’s visited ancient Tsounati olive groves where the world’s first high phenolic olive oil to be globally certified as a food supplement is being produced. She’s watched men whip wild rock-rose bushes as they collect labdanum, and she’s discovered its healing secrets. She spent a night in a cave in the Samaria Gorge to witness a unique honey harvest and she has sat in a shepherd’s hut in the White Mountains all through the long hours of stirring it takes to make graviera cheese. In the course of these culinary journeys, she has made some unexpected discoveries and would love to share some of her most important finds, inviting you to redefine the way you look at food.

The Art of Being Human in a Digital World

What does an 18th-century loom have to do with digital wellbeing? Why is a high phenolic extra virgin olive oil better for our mood than Instagram? Why would a group of volunteers hike for 5 hours and spend a night in a cave inside a gorge – with no phone coverage at all – in order to help out a friend with his honey harvest? Working in front of screens, we often forget we have a real presence in the physical world. A journey through Crete’s interior, where many people continue to embrace a very analogue daily routine, helps find the key habits we can all adopt in order to be healthier, happier and more satisfied with our digital-vs-physical life balance.

Longevity Island: Create Your Own Blue Zone

Isabella has travelled to Ikaria, Crete and Corfu –three places in Greece remarkable in terms of the longevity of their inhabitants – and has interviewed renowned researchers on the topic. Combining the scientists’ views with centuries-old daily habits of ordinary people, she proposes small changes you can make to create your own personal Blue Zone, regardless of where you live. This talk goes far beyond dietary advice, diving into the less visible factors that affect our life expectancy and quality of life.

More Than a Keynote Speech!

How Far Would You Go for Real Food?

An Immersive Experience Exploring the Essence of Greek Food

Isabella Zampetaki is a food & travel writer and a connoisseur of Greek delicacies. In her book “Handcrafted Crete”, she explores the roots of the Mediterranean Diet and presents a number of artisanal gems. She spends a night in a cave to witness the honey harvest inside the Samaria Gorge; jumps on a fishing boat at 5 am to join the men who harvest sea salt from rocky islets; and waits patiently through the hours-long process of making graviera cheese high up in a shepherd’s hut on the slopes of the White Mountains. 

Isabella now shares the stories behind the culinary treasures she discovered through an immersive experience that will give you the most genuine flavor of Greece that you can find. She solemnly prepares a tisane of wild herbs for you to savor and explains how it promotes longevity. She showcases carob rusks and graviera cheese from small, sustainable producers in Crete and introduces you to high phenolic olive oil as she guides you through unexpected food pairings. More than anything, she reveals what makes these artisanal products truly special, and invites you to see food from a forgotten angle. 

Book Isabella as a keynote speaker for your dinner party and treat your guests to the essence of Greek food. 

This experience is available in English, Spanish and Greek.